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NQL Seagull 2.0
 Java and Dot Net Source Code Generator - Save Development Cost

System Requirement
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
800 MHz or better
512 MB RAM or better
1024x768, 16-bit display
500 MB available disk space


NQL SEAGULL   is a powerful database application design tool that enables software developers to dramatically reduce their overall development cost by streamlining the design and implementation process. Traditionally, the approval of the design is just the beginning of the software implementation phase. But with NQL Seagull, the approval of the design is near the end of the implementation phase.

Streamlined Development Solution
Following the requirement phase, developers undergo an extensive architecture phase where the design of the database schema, presentation layer, and business object are created. Once this phase is approved, the longest phase in software development life cycle, the implementation phase, begins. Developers then traditionally must write codes to save each piece of information from the graphical user interface (GUI) to the database, a process that is extremely tedious and time consuming. To complete this task, developers must have a strong understanding of the the database structure, the data type of each column, and the database transfer protocols to be used, such as ADO and ADO.NET. If the database schema is modified at any point, developers must repeat the entire process to ensure proper code integrity . 

Recognizing the tedious and time consuming nature of the above process, NQL Software has developed NQL Seagull, an intelligently designed database case tool that streamlines these tasks to save software firms time, and thereby dramatically reducing the overall development cost.

Not only does the NQL Seagull design tool create business object model easily, through inheritance and containment, but it also:

  • Creates database schema 
  • Generates GUI (aspx) and business object layer source code (C#, VB.NET, VC++)
  • Generates JSP, Java bean and Java class.
  • Saves data to database and load data from database without additional modification of the classes generated.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Classes

Web Form
For each entity, Seagull creates a web form. The form contain controls for each attribute of an entity (column of a table). The form also has functions to get and set data that map the data on the form to the class then eventually to the database.

Business Object Model Classes
From the business object model (diagram), NQL Seagull creates the business object model classes allowing you to traverse from one class to another via associations. It also allows you to transfer data between class and database without having knowledge of the database structure or writing SQL statements. For each entity, NQL Seagull generates a class. The class derives from NQLPersistence which has functions enough for you to do database operations such as insert, update, delete and retrieve and alse has the appropriate properties for each attribute of the entity and the appropriate containment is referred to as an association (an object or an object collection) and inheritance.

With NQL Seagull, there is no need to write SQL statement.  GUI classes and object model classes work together seamlessly.

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